What is church?

When we think of church in America we most likely think of a Sunday morning gathering at a building where we sing songs, have a quick time of “fellowship” and someone teaches from up front. We talk about church as a place you go to or attend once a week, and even have phrases like “church shopping” when we need a change for whatever reason. It's a place where there are, most likely, few participants and many spectators. 

Instead, we believe church is the people of God, saved by the power of God, filled with the Spirit of God, who together are sent for the purposes of God.

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We believe Jesus gave us a wonderful picture of what the church should look like to the individual, to the community and to a hurting and broken world.

“Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”   Matthew 4:19

Jesus called individuals to follow Him and to live life together on a daily basis so He could transform and train them up to be sent into the lost and broken world. He spent three years with twelve men and then, strengthened by the gift of the Holy Spirit, sent them out to preach the Good News and make more disciples.

We believe that the best way to train up disciples who will follow Christ, love each other well, and minister to a broken world is still in this same intimate setting. So we meet in small groups of 10-25 in our homes for this purpose. It is in these family churches that we can best encourage, strengthen, and challenge each other to live our lives led by the Holy Spirit according to His Word so we might be lights to the world around us.


(Used by permission of Francis Chan and the We Are Church house church movement. For more information, see www.wearechurch.com.)